Secret Austria – Christmas with the Hofers

With the rapid advance of climate change it is bullheaded to book skiing vacations over the Christmas break. There will be NO FRESH SNOW. There hasn’t been any for years now. And things are getting increasingly worse. Snow in the middle of August? Not uncommon in the Alps these days. At Christmas? Forget it! The idea of a white Christmas is a propaganda ruse of radio stations forcing it into our ear canals with impunity (“Let it snow” anyone?), acting in close cooperation with apartment stores. Do they pay for this, I wonder? If one wants to keep their sanity better avoid the shop windows at Harrods from November onwards, complete with prop snow and fake winter displays. We can’t be fooled anymore. We know from years of experience that left and right of the ski pistes cows graze in December. What adds insult to injury is ‘dynamic pricing’. This is the increasingly popular habit of airlines and hotels to take us to the cleaners when we are peak-vulnerable: “Only six seats left for that price.” I understand the principle of peak season. When the kids are out of school, all at the same time everywhere, and this is the day we have to take to the mountains, it will cost. Who would argue?… Continue Reading