Breaking the Ice

Antarctica – A once-in-a-lifetime voyage to the seventh continent brings Andreas Hofer and his teenage daughter close together
“Look over there, Can you see them?” Captain Nesterov stood, legs apart, at the helm of the icebreaker. He put his binoculars down and pointed port side, where two black cones were just visible through wads of fog and steady snowfall. For a few seconds the fog lifted, and their identical, perfectly round tips perked up from soft, snowy mounds. “You know what we call them?” asked Nesterov after they had disappeared once again behind discreet, misty veils. ‘My Girl’s Titties’. They say it was a joung sailor who came up with the name. Most have been pretty lovesick, don’t you agree?”urance test. Malcolm wanted his single-malt with old ice. Erin, a teacher, had simply booked the wrong holiday.Continue Reading