A winter’s tale – Skiing on Hampstead Heath

You know that winter is upon us when your best skiing buddies are pestering you with photos of improbable, magical snowscapes. You are still held up at work,
while they have beaten you to be first on the slopes, which is disgraceful. Even more torturous when they hello you from places you haven’t thought about at all. It
makes one feel really stupid. First picture last season arrived on 24 November from Madonna di Campiglio. A selfie of my friend Misha trying to wade through half a
metre of fresh snow in brogues and a trench coat. He had at least the decency to spare me the sight of powder turns. It still hurt. Then came a picture from my friend
Stefan Palm. Stefan is a Swedish mountain guide based in Chamonix. He’s never there though. Too busy with clients. He skis all year round from Turkey to South America. The photo, sent by WhatsApp on 3 December, showed a dark-tanned Stefan, smiling wryly as he traversed under … Continue Reading



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